Discussing :: Redken for Men achieves dishevelled style giveaway

Possibly every man’s dream hair product – Redken gives the means to achieve that sexy dishevelled look oh so popular with Hollywood hunks. Keep it casual and get that ‘unstyled’ style with new Dishevel Fiber Cream - effortlessly create shape and texturise hair for a relaxed, laid back, carefree finish.   Appropriate for all hair types Dishevel is a re-mouldable fibre cream with medium, pliable hold and control. The conditioning formula with proteins gives hair a natural shine, shapes and adds supple flexibility – plus it’s easy to use for a carefree finish. We have four units to give away valued at $33.00 each!... read full article


Redken for Men achieves dishevelled style giveaway

i just love redken products!


Been using the get groomed but keen for a style change!


Redken always make good quality products. I could seriously use some of this product, that way I wouldn't be called Worzel Gummidge.


Dishevelled, non-groomed sexy look, ooh la lah!


love the touseled sexy look


This hair would be great


You know what, i am going to be honest here, i am just an about to be divorced man, i was overweight 126k 35%body fat, 3 month later i have worked hard over my problems and my lost of my wife, i have completed did a transformation in my body and life! dropping down to 90kgs and more toned & somthing like winning this competition for Redken would just make any man who really likes to look after himself really happy! i know i would.... Good Luck to everyone everyone that enters!


Finally, the product I require to look all day like I look like when I wake up with no product


I just need to whack some of this Redkin stuff on my 16 year old son's toilet brush, crazy-ass hair. It's driving me nuts just looking at it. I don't have to like how it ends up, but at least it would be 'in style'


just great products like the saying goes you pay for what you get


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