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This is how you make a sequel. Instead of just being a tacked-on continuation or brazen cash-grab, "[REC] 2" builds upon the mythos set up in 2007's "[REC]," then twists it in rousingly unanticipated ways as the characters—and viewers—learn more about what they are dealing with. Returning to the directors' chairs, Jaume Belaguero and Paco Plaza find logical ways to also retain the POV style of the original. This "you-are-there" feel, aided by superb actors who never seem as if they are acting, creates a strong sense of disquiet and foreboding. Anything could be lurking around the corner or at the edges of the frame, and half the fun is in... read full article


[REC] 2

Do we really want a third film though. I mean both films so far have been excellent, and Hollywood could learn a lot form how good this sequel is. But having a third film is probably stretching the story a little far.


[REC] 2

Oh god, not another one! The first one freaked me out so bad, even though I already knew most of what would happen (my mates had already described the entire plot to me). Still, I can't wait to see this one. Unsure of whether it can be as good as the first, and definitely hesitant to say that they should do a third!


[REC] 2

I love horrors & this looks like a great sequel.


[REC] 2

Ok, I haven't seen the first one, but now I'm thinking about getting it out next time I hit the DVD store late on a Saturday night when I'm feeling like a good freak out... ;) "Quarantine" was awesome...and I LOVED 28 Days Later (a classic)...so the REC series should be right up my alley ;)


[REC] 2

I'm sold - although I may never sleep again if I watch this, it looks totally creepy!


[REC] 2

I was quite disappointed with this one as it was way too much like Quarantine but still any gory horror is great!! Especially when you get these shots!


[REC] 2

Really enjoyed the first movie and alot better then the american version Quarantine. Usually sequels are weaker then the original and it's the same old same old.


[REC] 2

Awesome, i'm always loving the movies that have my darling jumping on my lap in sheer terror. Nothing makes you feel more like a man than being able to play the big protector!


[REC] 2

Its a horror movie so I'm not worried too much about the story or character development, As long as it scares the crap out of me. A sign of good horror is if I can't sleep after watching it.


[REC] 2

OMG this film is so good. Before going into the screening I wasn't sure how the sequel would work as REC 1 was a tight movie. however after seeing REC 2 I was proved wrong, it has more action, more explanation, more complicated storyline (in a good way) and really took the movie beyond my imagination of what it could be. However it sorta ended like Grudge, where I really lose hope because the monster is like invincible. I didn't even go near Quarantine (it's pretty much blow-by-blow copy of REC 1 anyway so whats the point), and I look forward to REC 3 if there is ever one. I imagine something like 28 Days/Weeks Later, or maybe not because the script writer is way more creative than me! Must see, even better if straight after REC 1

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