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In celebration of this month’s Boy’s Toys Sale, Sexgear.co.nz  have paired up with luxury Swedish sex toy designers, LELO, to give away their most sophisticated gentleman’s ring, TOR.  LELO are internationally recognised for their cutting edge design, intelligent technology and quality materials. TOR, like all LELO products, is fully rechargeable, meaning no hassle with batteries, stronger and longer vibration potential, and a lifespan equivalent to around 10,000 disposable rings.  As with all pleasure objects by LELO, TOR is designed to offer total peace of mind in whatever situations arise. Made with FDA-approved and... read full article


R18 Competition

Mmm No Comment

...thats on your christmas list right?...lol

Oh this one's too good to miss... my creative thinking cap is on!

...and there stands your president America...with a big rubber on his head...the most powerful man in the world....who looks surprisingly comfortable in his head gear....lol


mmmmm....I'm thinking "pain not pleasure"...although to some pain is pleasure (as is embarassment).


All I can think of when I see that thing is golum saying " one ring to rule them all my precioussssss" haha


All I can think of when I see that thing is golum saying " one ring to rule them all my precioussssss" haha


something called O yeah. very approriate given they are the words often shouted out


http://sexgear.co.nz/boys-toys/fleshlight/vibro-pink-lady-touch-fleshlight/ My girlfriends away.[youtube]http://sexgear.co.nz/boys-toys/fleshlight/vibro-pink-lady-touch-fleshlight/[/youtube]


just been on site it would have to be the sabrina love doll for my partner would come in handy when im just too tired as long as it doesnt happen on the bed next to me my god I feel sick even writing this haha


TORific and i see it's phthalate-free and here i was thinking guy fawkes was over....haha.


its got to be the fleshlight! might be a substitute for the real thing!!


the Oden looks like just the toy for my man! I love to give him so much in the bedroom, this would just add to our fun together!

Not for me, you should have the real thing. Can I have one? N i i i i i c e!


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