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R18 Competition To celebrate Sexgear.co.nz’s 4th Birthday – simply state your favourite Lelo Product in the comments below from Sexgear.co.nz to go into the draw to win a Lelo Alia Vibrator - $199.95 rrp COMPETITION CLOSEDWinner: Mickey(michael) read full article


R18 Competition


Lelo Beads. Great for pelvic floor muscles and verrrrry satisfying:)


The Billy - for a change!



I'm partial to a sex swing and a pair of sturdy fur lined handcuffs me thinks....

Hahaha! That's lovely to know DeeDee, but it has to be your fav LELO product from the site! Thanks for sharing though hun xx

...Meh...what evs....I still think they are fabulous...

but since it is a Lelo product I'd have to go for the Sensua Suede Whip....lmao to go with the other one I have already....

Jason IS the forum police. Don't mess with the forum or he will spring out and reprimand you, hopefully wearing his own Five Piece Sexy Cop Costume...


*snort*! I was meaning the boys version on the theme. Some girls like a man in uniform, you know.

I'll dig out my janitor uniform and meet you in the cleaning cupboard.

Oh, God! yes! Yes! YES!!

haha! These threads are so much funnier over here at GetFrank. What have I been missing...


Definitely the Five Piece Sexy Cop Costume :D THe Peek-a-boo French Maid Dress is interesting, though having worn a plastic jumpsuit for a stunt job once I know how hot they get, and how inflexible they are.

.....oooh those sound good too....


I give up.

I have no idea what you actually mean by that, so I'm going to interpret it in a way that suits me, and I'm going to say 'excellent!' whilst tapping my fingers together cunningly a la Mr. Burns.


Oh FINE - Mr. Stickler About Adhering to the Rules!! The Alia is nicely designed, 4 hours of pleasure per charge... But me being me I'd probably get more use out of the Tantra Feather Teaser, and, sadly, yes at this stage I would probably end up dusting the mantel with it.

Haha! Priceless! The mantel, you poor thing...

where is the like button? is it wrong that I looked for it on instinct?? I think I need to lay off FB more and come visit here more often :D


Soraya is the world’s most beautiful dual-action vibrator, offering multiple pleasures in a sleek and seductive package. Her smooth exterior features individual motors in each......wow- it looked like nothing much in the picture.....would 'er indoors luv me even more ???


double post, sorry, can't delete


I would purchase the gold yvk vibrator as my wife's pleasure should be priceless

Fantastic! Do I detect a whiff of grovelling?


"If I Say So" lingerie costume

An interesting selection but l think the “MONA”.
It would give me great pleasure to p(r)ick this one, maybe in red & love the ergonomic shape.


The Five Piece Sexy Cop Costume, for sure! ;)


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