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Intimate, foreplay-filled, orgasmic sex will certainly impress a woman - and keep her coming back for more. But an animalistic and spontaneous ‘quickie’ can take her breath away - so long as you do it right. Read on to discover how to make quickie sex enjoyable for both partners.   SexpectationsExpecting your partner to experience explosive orgasms from a five-minute romp is somewhat unrealistic; and while some women will climax in that time, most won’t. The good news is that women can enjoy sex without reaching orgasm, and when it comes to quickie sex – it can be fulfilling simply because of the thrill involved in having sex... read full article



I love Quickies!!! With two kids both under 5 and full time jobs it can be a real trick to stoke up the fires for a full on love fest so the well known but sometimes not well loved quickie can be a great way to keep the love alive. Keep it fun and sexy and the possibilities are numerous - a quick romp in the laundry room - the shower even outside in the garden shed - when and where is only limited by your imagination and daring. My partner and I have been together for 6 years and find the quickie a great way to stay connected and still have a laugh!!!



I love a quickie when The girl is all asking for it type when shes all flirty is the best, and the best time for me is when I'm all hard and haven't had any for a while



Damn, and all this time I thought a 'Quickie' was soemthing to relieve indigestion....



best to have a quickie outdoor. maybe by the beach.



Quickies are exactly that. Quick.. for a female it's fun but often disappointing. For the man it's a outlet of all the sexual tension. Damn I wish I was a man!



Gotta love a Quickie as long as its balanced with non quickies :-)



One Word: KEEN!!!



Yep there's nothing wrong with quickies! When you've got kids, tha weathers so hot and never enough time in the day a quickie is great! They can also make ya feel oh so naughty!



I wish I was a man just to have a quickie- but mind you a quickie in the morning makes the long sensual root 4 the woman better later on :0



Nice article Indeed!! Always felt quickies are best ways to connect & reconnect and stay charged up throughout


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