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'THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT BEER' Boutique brewer and founder/owner of Hallertau Brew Bar & Restaurant in Riverhead, Auckland, Steve Plowman really knows his hops. Here he shares with us some interesting things you might not know about beer. 1. Fresh is bestWhen choosing beer, fresh is definitely best. The longer the beer has been in the bottle the worse the flavour gets.  A lot of the beer you see in shops is many months past tasting its best.  Beer in the bottle loses its lovely fresh hopping flavour very quickly, especially when exposed to the enemies of beer; which are heat, light and movement.  Beer stored and chilled in... read full article


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

I'm not a big beer drinker, but the thought of trying some local ale that's brewed the way this stuff is would get me very interested.


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

Sounds like Steve Plowman is constantly in pursuit of hoppyness...


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

I love Hallertau. Great place, great beer, great food, went there on my stag do, got smashed and had a great hang over...and only just got to the church 3 minutes before my bride. She still thinks I got there an hour earlier. I love Hallertau. Cant wait to go back :)


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

I love beer, apart form dark beers. Best piece of advice I ever got was try dark beers with gingernuts and blue cheese! Brings out the chocolate flavors and makes you appreciate the entire raft of beer!


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

The art of making Beer is a true gift. Anyone that has even tried a basic home brew kit can attest to this, there are so many variables. So when some one gets it right, it is worth savouring every drop in the glass, then going back for another.


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

beer for life..lol


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

This duck walks into a bar and orders a beer. "Five dollars" says the bartender. "Put it on my bill"


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

Well, theres only one thing for it. "Honey, get your coat, dinner and drinks are on me. We can be there in 15 mins...."


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

Hallertau - great food & great beer - no better way to spend an afternoon than in this great place and its only a "hop" skip n a jump to some of the best vineyards - Riverhead Rocks!


Q&A Get Frank – Hallertau Brewery

Little do you know, Steve can also play guitar. Or at least he did in Sweden a few years back. He had a blues riff going, we all sat around the night before my wedding. He seems much "hoppier" now with his beer in Riverhead. Shame there isn't a ferry between Hallertau and the City/Devonport.

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