Discussing :: Protecting your phone at winter events

With some great winter events coming up, like Ohakune’s Mardi Gras 2013, happening Saturday June 29, staying in contact with friends is important. In fact, 92% of us bring our smartphones to events. I can only assume the other 8% haven’t jumped on the smartphone bandwagon… yet!  Most of us take our phones wherever we go – if they aren’t glued to our hand, they’re always nearby. But keeping your phone close doesn’t always mean that it’s safe. Nearly a third of us don’t have a password lock on our smartphone, and over a third of us don’t take any precaution at all to protect our smartphones. To... read full article


Lost phone at the pub, left it on the bar :(


Have left my accidentlty on a bus seat when it fell out of my jeans pockets, lucky the bus driver knew me and handed it back a week later when i was back on the bus


Lost my phone at a concert once was horrible. I keep a close eye on my one now not losing a second one.


I have loss a few phones and have had one stolen so this sounds good for me


i have lost several phones, but thankfully not to theft. The washing machine has claimed his fair share (left in my jeans pocket 2 times) and the steering wheel of my car has claimed one (crushed in my pocket while squeezing in to the drivers seat).


On my first New Years eve since turning 18 I lost my phone. I drank a bit much, lost my friends and became totally disoriented. A police woman found me sitting on the side of the road. I was taken away in a paddy wagon and put in a cell. I woke up the next morning in my bed with barely any recollection of what had happened the night before. No surprises that my phone and everything else was missing! I had a phone call a few days later from the police station saying my phone had been handed in. I was stoked! I went in to pick it up and the police officer handed it over in a zip lock bag. She had a disgusted look on her face and said it looked like someone had puked all over it. I acted shocked but knew it would have been me. The phone never worked again!


Yes! I lost it recently for a couple of hours at a party, but very fortunately some kind soul handed it over to the staff and I was able to get it back. Taught me a good lesson though, to never leave my phone lying around!


My phone is so old school noone would want to steal it - so that's one good thing about it!


I lost my phone when I put it down on a table and someone knicked off with it.


Haven't lost a phone yet ... but have lost pictures before from digital camera. So good idea to get a backup for phone!


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