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I aint no super star I aint working for the feds but i will look the real deal when il wear my pro keds Il wear em night n day everywhere that i go no matter what the weather is rain hail or snow My keds n me will be best buddies we'll be like peanut butter n jelly Il swear i wont take em off my feet even if my socks turn smelly I know these keds will love me too people say i have happy feet il wear em when i dance il knock out any beat You know i do speak the truth I know you do see I mostly deserve these pro keds and these keds deserve me .

sedd900, may I suggest you put some grans remedy in your keds before you put them on.

also I have to ask will you keep your keds on when your having "relations"?


Love the Royal Plus Hi Leather's in black mono - cool, comfortable, practical, and best of all you don't have to be under 16 to get away with wearing them.


the royal plus hi leathers in black mono- are any mans ideal shoes. be it out and about on the town or casual drinks at a mates place royals are sure to impress.


Wow sed900! You deserve to win after that entertaining poem! I would also love to win a pair for my darling man who's been sick in bed today with THE MAN FLU!!


Keds would look good on anyone, plus they could be worn casual, but you would also get away with wearing them in more formal situations.


These are so cool, born in the same decade as me. All good things come from the 70's. And they look quality too..I reckon they would still look as fresh as me after 30 plus years. Would love to kick around in a pair.


one of my chick friends is off having a "sick day"... I hope shes buying me these shoes, however this is unlikely. So I really hope i win these shoes, then ill atleast have one pair, mabye two! Awesome!!!


PRO KEDS: for the man in you , to follow whichever direction he chooses.


I love old school basketball shoes. These have a bit of a modern twist which is sweet too.


These shoes look great! They reminder me of my old chucks but these are so much cooler. I love how you could wear these out playing with the kids or riding your skateboard or going out for lunch, well I'd wear them out to lunch anyway. They look real comfortable and supportive so would love to try some of these out for myself. Thanks.


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