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As part of its Inmate Employment program, the Corrections Department rents out prisoners to councils or private businesses to work outside prison walls. In the past, this has included work as fruitpickers, done solely to relieve a local labour shortage (or rather, a refusal of orchard owners to pay decent wages). A full list of who else they rent prisoners out to will hopefully be forthcoming from Corrections in 20 working days.This renting out of prisoners is in clear violation of the International Labour Organisation's Forced Labour Convention, to which we are a party. The Forced Labour Convention defines "forced or compulsory labour"... read full article


Prison slave labour breaches international law

like your style Idiot / Savant


Prison slave labour breaches international law

lock them up and throw away the keys!!!!!!!!!!


Prison slave labour breaches international law

If there in jaul make them work for there keep!! Why should we pay for there food clothes hot wator ect. Make them pay rent i say!!

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