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It's true. It's blind. It's romance. And it lasts about a minute and a half. So how do you build romance in to a lasting relationship? You want someone to love you. No question. But someone who spots your finer qualities, and loves them, can be depressingly elusive. As for stumbling on someone who appreciates you on a bad hair day, that can be a really tall order. So when you do find someone, it's your glossy best you aim to display. That's romance for you. The delightful blurring effect of the rose coloured lens. The candlelight feels delicious and cosy. It softens the distinctive features that make both of you the people you... read full article


Preserving Romance

Agreed, that first flush of romance is something to treasure and preserve but, believe me; nothing in this world comes close to the deep love, respect and friendship that blossoms in an enduring relationship with 'the one'.

You get a present, its an empty box, if there is nothing in it in the beginning you cant take anything out of it, so until you start filling that box with something it will always be empty, its hard, but you will notice the difference


Preserving Romance

We all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, and hour, an afternoon. But that doesn't diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives."


Preserving Romance

Preserving romance - the key to preserving romance is to surprise your partner as often as possible. Go the extra mile and make them feel special. Even if it's as small as bringing home a boquet of flowers after work, or getting up an hour earlier on Saturday morning to cook them breakfast in bed, going the extra mile and showing your partner that you don't take them for granted will keep that flame burning strong. Of course a dinner for two at Ascension would certainly surprise the lovely lady in my life...


Preserving Romance

Totally aggree - romance is about you as a couple not concepts of romance created by crappy magazines - particularly womens! Don't be typical - think about what they love and enjoy and do that for them - that is true romance even if its silly!


Preserving Romance

The balance of both is what makes my relationship to my 'girl' so great.


Preserving Romance

No offence lads, but I believe romance is well and truly dead - well in the Holywood sense of the word anyway. Romance is coming home blind drunk at 3am, but remembering to steal your lady some flowers from some poor buggers garden on the drunken stumble home. Romance is pretending to like her parents. Romance is acting interested in what she is trying on in some girlie clothes store. Romance is remembering her birthday (who said anything about buying gifts?). Romance is laughing with and at each other - in the playful sense. Romance is taking her to see that action film with the hot chicks in it that you really, really want to see but letting her have all the popcorn. Romance is not openly gawking at every hot girl with her norks out on show and wearing a skirt so short you can almost see what she had for breakfast as you walk down the street on a hot sunny afternoon. Romance is not forgetting to tell her how beautiful she is everyday. Romance is keeping her safe and provided for. And lastly romance is definitely never questioning anything she does and says. Ever.


Preserving Romance

Go back to old fashioned values, get to know someone over a period of a yeah, not these 2000s instant relationships, court your partner take them out spend time with them see if the spark is there not just lust or you will end up in so many unhappy relationships though out your life


Preserving Romance

i think love,romance etc are such big things and sometimes its taken for granted with everyone rushing into a relationship and marriage but i agree with people when they say go out on dates,get to know the person and see if there a spark before rushing into things other wise you could be wasting time with mr wrong instead of mr right.


Preserving Romance

All I can say is that after a 17 year relationship...ending...you have got to keep up "the little things"...just a compliment will do, I'm not saying you have to lavish your lady (or guy) cause come on it goes both ways, you both have to always give 110% percent! relationships change, you both grow as individuals BUT honestly if my man had kept the romance side of it up instead of becoming a lazy couch potato I may have stuck around! A little note left in the morning can mean the world....the little things...


Preserving Romance

I've found that the best thing to do about romance is to accept the fact that it does not last thoughout a serious relationship. It's a wonderful, fun, exciting thing that's true but if you try and recreate it or hang on to it in a long term relationship or marriage then you're only setting yourself up for disappointment. If you let it go when after it has run its course you can then clearly see who the other person is AND more importantly who you are.

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