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At last, the hot days and long nights of summer have arrived. Naturally, with the warmer weather comes the desire to spend more time outside in the evenings, and for that, you need a barbeque! Barbeques are the essential ingredient for a great Kiwi summer. Having a barbie is a great excuse to have your mates round (and keep the mess outside!), it means you don’t get stuck cooking indoors on a beautiful summer evening – and it’s a perfect way to cook quick and easy summer meals. The new Goldair Eon BBQ includes a rear burner and rotisserie kit – ideal for roasting, side burners for perfect wok and ... read full article


Prepare For A Sizzling Hot Summer

omg that is an awesome prize! so perfect for summer!!

Yes i never had a BBQ - so it would be great to have one


Wow! We were just talking about BBQing and that I've only done it twice, and once was cooking fundraising sausages for the girl guides! I don't think my family have ever owned a BBQ!


That is one awesome barbie and if I could only win that it would be the answer to my problems... just moved house and found that the barbie that we've had and been using for the last four years has bitten the dust... with expense of moving house and Xmas it's going to be late summer before I can even think about replacing it :(


This would be such a awesome prize, just in time for summer. My house has a wonderful bbq area but no with no bbq, fingers crossed there will be one soon :)


Who needs a kitchen nowadays- no electricity, cheap gas (I think ?) these babies can do anything including roasts (yes they are not just for sausages) and the side burner does the wok thing for those who actually do eat veges with their beer and sausages....what can't they do you ask ?? They do not chill the beer- disappointing but watch this space.


Frank's pulling out the big guns for the summer season!!


put another shrimp on the barbie......


mateeeee make me drool why don't yah


i need that


Summer weather coming, nothing like good food to make your mouth water. Found a very talented mountain bike rider, check him out on Youtube link.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=Cj6ho1-G6tw&vq=medium[/youtube]


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