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The new Porsche Panamera is as much about carrying four in style and comfort as it is about swervery; as much a grand-tourer as anything else. Don't assume Porsche's further watering-down its sporting DNA with the four-door, four-seat Panamera. This is no Cayenne, as you can see from the pics. There's no mistaking its pedigree whatever the angle. It's every-inch a Porsche. Which initially made the car's round-Australia launch seem counter-intuitive. Just look at my three-day leg from Darwin to Alice via Kakadu, with long days in the saddle and rarely a bend to spoil the view. What curves there are would hardly challenge a car like... read full article


Porsche Panamera

feels like Porsche has sold out with a sedan - who wants to take the wife and kids for a cruise if you have a Porsche you want to have 2 front seats, an engine in the back seat that makes the kinda sounds you like, and a sunroof so that you can check out the babes and piss off the wannabe's Family Sedan and Porsche dont goto tegether!


Porsche Panamera

auckland should have free bus 24-7. that way no one will need to drive, and we'll save money,

And not just Auckland...


Porsche Panamera

smart idea getting into the 4door market. not really selling out if it's luxury sedans, can't imagine every joe blow affording the pricetag of $NZ 250k or so and the family man still has to get his kicks from somewhere. looks like it would be mint to drive (as expected), not quite as quick as 911 but is smooth and has 'high roller' written all over it.


Porsche Panamera

Not a fan of the side. They just took the two door design and streched it out over another door on either side.


Porsche Panamera

this car looks like the crossfire from behind, but has that trademark porsche look from the front


Is it just me or does it look naff in the photos? Couldn't make a call until I saw it in the flesh though.


It looks like a cross between a chrysler crossfire and a skyline! come on. I'm not a fan of porsche but presumably those who drive them want people to know it's a porsche and not something cheaper! fail!


Honestly, if I won one, I'd probably want to keep it. I used to drive a porsche, but I didn't actually like it. Way to low to the ground, not enough space, it was a hard top convertible and a pain to make it topless.


Sports car manufactures historically make this same mistake every 20 years with the quest for reinvention. A sports car is not a family car full-stop! The power to weight and centre of mass figures are wrecked, as soon as you introduce two more seats. The experience of putting a true sports car through it's paces is magical, why pretend with a poor attempt to gain more badge sales? Poor show Porsche!


Porsche quality motoring, but only in my dreams could l afford one. Certainly not a car to have kids in, imagine what damage they could do to the upholstery, it would be such a shame.

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