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Watch out Federer, James can play a shot through his legs too. Make a quality comment or contribution below and you'll also be in the draw to win one of three month supplies of KitKat Chunky 3's!   read full article




That is so awesome!


absolutely how cool to add a new twist to the game


Being a cynic I'm dubious as to the physics of the ball at some points, but still - pretty good vid. Let's not forget being a sportsman actually requires some skill people!


Judo interpretive dance?


Is this a new sport? Table Polf perhaps.... or Ging Pong! Imagine the new sports they could come up with in a sports store! Have a Kit Kat = brainwave new olympic sport.... Nice :)


Maybe a few new sports for the Olympics eh??? I have to own up to having the odd game of ping pong using the projecter remotes in the office when waiting for the next board (bored) meeting. One time managed to get the ball through a teeny gap in our 9th floor building and looked down below to see it land amongst a funeral procession passing along from the church up the road, whilst i kept out of sight i could see a few weird looks on faces. Probably taking it as a sign from the deceased. Lol!!!


LOVE THIS...reminds me of good times when I was 16 and working is a small pizza joint (that shall remain nameless ;))... we played "mushroom badminton" one night at about 2am...it was me versus the motorcycle delivery guy since we were the only ones there at that time of the morning....used two old badminton rackets we found in the basement....and mushrooms were the obvious choice just begging us to hit them across the store from one side of the counter to the other... ...and here's a tip for any other budding mushroom badminton players out there.....if you hit the mushrooms too hard, they get shredded and sprayed all over the walls and ceiling...(and all over the pizza oven extractor fan)....then get instantly baked on to the hot extractor fan...and when the boss comes in, you've gotta make sure you've cleaned off all of the evidence...unless there's some you can't reach at teh top of the extractor fan...in which case, you just hope the boss doesn't look up.... ;);) GOOD TIMES!!!!


Well, i'd rather have Tennis elbow rather than "Golf-Balls"


WOAH that takes a bit of skill i think, what will they come up with next, cool though.

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