Discussing :: Ping Pong is Better with Golf Clubs

Watch out Federer, James can play a shot through his legs too. Make a quality comment or contribution below and you'll also be in the draw to win one of three month supplies of KitKat Chunky 3's!   read full article


Nice, someone is very skilled here, whether is be the guys actually doing it, or the digital effects guys. Either way you cant tell if it's fake or not so top marks!


Wish I had that much spare time to perfect my game.... any game for that matter :P


And they get PAID to go to work! Not fair.


That really is clever, BUT i'd much rather be the guy sitting there eating the KIT KAT, Obviously they were pigging out on nestle kit kat before hand to get all that energy or either they are extremely bored.


The next time I am in a sports store with my sons I think we will give it a go. We may cause a bit of damager but what great fun. These guys must have practiced for ages. Awesome clip


Impressive compared to the previous clips in this series but I still prefer the CGI Bruce Lee nunchuk table tennis awesomeness!


great stuff - loved the final rally


These two are better than Tiger at the moment.


If you have any similar shenanigans to share, please post them in the "Everything Else" section in the forums. We don't get out much and would appreciate the entertainment!!!


Hand eye co ordination would make them candidates as fighter pilots - if we had an air force!


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