Discussing :: Ping Pong is Better with Golf Clubs

Watch out Federer, James can play a shot through his legs too. Make a quality comment or contribution below and you'll also be in the draw to win one of three month supplies of KitKat Chunky 3's!   read full article


This has been done with excellent coordination!! It is deffinatly a great advertisment for kit-kat and should help it to sell very well. And if that doesn't work, they should do very well for inventing a new sport!


That's just not cricket.


The things you do when the boss isn't around!


That's some skill right there, I wonder how long it would take to get that right without mucking up too much :)


kitkat oh youre so funky you taste so good now that your chunky between my teeth i love the way you crunch for a month supply i can skip every lunch the way you give me my daily break you taste even better with my protein shake you do get tastier with every bite your sweetness makes the world so bright i do carry you no matter where i go deep sea diving or even skiing in the snow you gives me the energy in every sport i play only the opponents are left in dismay you're so magical just the way you taste manage to put a smile on everyone's face you just spread so much joy and so much love you are definitely crafted by the gods above

There's the winner, right there!


I think you lot should all upload some profile photos. It's like being shadowed by Ninjas fer chrissakes...


Makes me want to go out and try playing Golf with a table tennis paddle!

Nice jug where's the mug?


where do i find guys like this in the real world (NZ)? Talent/skill, check. not bad looking, check. job! check. misleading much? not fair!


Great eye/hand co-ordination. Even if the between the legs shot is rigged it doesn't detract from it being a great way to take a break with Kit Kat.


Good one guys I think you've discovered a new game for the olympics! AWESOME! The ref has balls [excuse the pun] to be seated that close to 2 men swinging golfclubs!!!!!!!


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