Discussing :: Ping Pong is Better with Golf Clubs

Watch out Federer, James can play a shot through his legs too. Make a quality comment or contribution below and you'll also be in the draw to win one of three month supplies of KitKat Chunky 3's!   read full article


I saw the best great ping-pong ball shots while sitting in a bar in Thailand. AMAZING!

I suspect that being in Thailand there were no bats of any kind involved....

It wasn't Gotham City so didn't see any Bats....or a table or net either.


What I want to know is, where's the music? the spectator is doing one funky little dance on his bench there. Is it the kit kat 2 step?


that looks like a pretty fun game to play.. i wonder what other sports you can combine to make things interesting... maybe playing basketball using tennis balls? or playing soccer using rugby balls??? now that'd be pretty tough to do (and hilarious to watch) i think


"You can NOT be serious!" if you think that video is real but since I don't want to cause a racquet, I did find the video to be Ace and a real cross-court winner. Also I had to go to the shop and buy then scoff 2 Kit kats, no wonder I'm chunky. However a warning to James to watch out for his ding-dong when he plays Ping Pong shots between his legs.


Very impressive... but the real test is whether the guys can keep up the long rallies when they eat Kit Kat SIMULTANEOUSLY!!


Have a break dude! HAVE A KIT KAT! ..and give me a piece please lol ;)


I knew there was something more exciting you could do with golf clubs than using them to play golf!


Game on! That looks like a lot of fun. Epic save at the end. Can't wait to see what's next.


Me personally, prefer the tic-tac ad in the library, girl with pen bounces tic-tac up & down off straw then into mouth. Though the return between the legs was pretty smart.


Keep the Raquet Down guys When I said do you want to play a round and hit a few this isnt actually what i had in mind.Barry better call your lawyer bro cause you just got served And theres no court of appeal for you

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