Discussing :: Ping Pong is Better with Golf Clubs

Watch out Federer, James can play a shot through his legs too. Make a quality comment or contribution below and you'll also be in the draw to win one of three month supplies of KitKat Chunky 3's!   read full article


Ping Pong is Better with Golf Clubs

Woah Epic!!!

I would like to see him bet me at halo reach on xbox, I could do it holding the controler between my legs ;) pun not intended.

lol it is much apprieciated the work they have put into. but yeh halo i would give him a run anytime. maybe not in the same style


Oh dear. To think I struggle to hit a tennis ball.


what a great shot!


Not entirely related, but I only seem to be able to play golf by using a cricket style swing. Which is a little ironic as I totally suck at cricket. I would lack the hand eye coordination required to succeed at this sport.


Working in a sports store... the possibilities for these kinds of games must be endless.


wow cool video am wondering though if it's the real deal cause the guy sitting on the counter's head seems to bobbing from side to side like crazy....lol...well I'm just having a dig since I am so totally un-co myself...and the video reminds me of the fact....lol


very clever


After watching the Tic Tac ads I'm dubious of this sort of thing, but it does seem to be the real deal.


Dam awesome, and but in order to come up with that they must have a lot of spare time

Here's to the peeps working in sport stores!


Man these videos just get better and better. It's kinda good advertising when you think about it, cause it stays true to their 'Have a Break. Have a Kit Kat' while also doing something completely new. GOOD JOB!!


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