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Philips have created four new models of Fidelio Docking Speakers specifically for Android smartphone users. I tried out the AS111, which at $169.95 is the cheapest of the models. I was impressed with the quality sound that came out of the small compact unit. It sounded fantastic in our large living area, with great bass and clarity on a variety of types of music, from rock to pop to dubstep.  Its user friendly Bluetooth linking the unit and android phone really stood out for me though. It meant I could keep my phone in my pocket and still listen to the music for a good distance (the signal worked between walls for about 15 metres). The Bluetooth also had... read full article


Philips Fidelio AS111 Docking Speaker Review

Well...doen.. Philips, fantastic speaker dock.... Awsome!


That looks so sleek . have to put this as a hint to my partner as a good xmas gift.


Nice to see some docks for andoird phones instead of just iphones


yes what a great little gadget for the techy fella for xmas, very interesting article and somewhat impressed by it all.


Looks like yet another gadget that we're told we must have.


Keen to get this


I seriously don't get the point of these kind of units. Overloading an android phone with bluetooth streaming when a usb drive could do the same seems a bit of a wasted effort for the phone! Would be fine for a charging dock with extra alarm oomph/sound but other than that, I can't see much use for the average user. More gimicky than anything IMO.


Yeah buddy, add this to the Christmas wish list!!


Looks like a great device I'm putting it on my Xmas wish list


Speaker docks are proliferating at an ALARMING rate- especially those with a clock- great to wake up to a blast of "Nymphetamine" from Cradle Of Filth. Plenty of styles and qualities to suit your budget and your decor.


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