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Paying a parking fine in coins

I'm an angry dickhead who doesn't know how to abide by parking regulations, so I'm going to take it out on some poor young lady and a security guard. What a fucking tool.


The way he went about it was a bit much but he was paying his fine.


I think the way he went about it was bit childish. He should realize that there are rules to obey when parking and that if you don't respect them you are going to get fined that's just the way of life.


I thought it was funny until he started being rude about it! Those poor people on the other side of the counter. He's taking his anger out on them when they had no say in him getting a ticket. I wouldn't be surprised if the fine was not considered paid after a show like that.


Damn straight - at least kramer was friendly when he tried to pay for the 3 calzones in pennies/


paying for anything with coins or small notes is such a pain i always seem to end up with a huge pile of quarters everytime i goto america


I paid for a hotel room with 25c pieces in the USA once after winning it all on the slot machines. They didn't mind much. It wasn't the first time someone had done it. And I was VERY polite :)


You just need to rob your child's piggy bank for this and pay it back in notes later...:)

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