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There are those stolid individuals who never took or made a call on their mobile while driving, lest their attention lapsed and they ended up causing havoc on the road. I’m not one of those stolid individuals. Girls are capable of multitasking in a way that most guys can’t even dream of and, in my opinion, they should only have banned cellphones in cars for men, and allowed us chicks to keep chatting. The new law was a kick in the teeth until I chanced upon this rather inconspicuous-looking gadget. Parrot, you got my social life back on track again, you screechy little bird you!There are loads of wireless hands-free solutions being touted, but... read full article


Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

I LOL'd at the statement that the law should have prohibited males (and not females) from using their phones whilst driving. Regardless of whether females can multitask, I still think the law was a step in the right direction after reading of accidents caused by people who were distracted by their phones.

Anyway, off my little rant! This little gadget looks worthy of my purchasing primarily cos it looks high tech and not as hideous as others on the market. Also, I like the text-to-speech capabilities... I can imagine a few occasions where this might be funny and some where it may even be useful.

Overall, loved the article cos it made me laugh :)


Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

fabulous - I like your thinking.....laws for guys and laws for girls - BRING IT ON!!


Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

In my day, there were no such worries about getting caught using a cellphone when driving. When we wanted to communicate with each other, we wrote a letter. Still, there was always the risk of dropping your pen as you went round a corner.


Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

I've been using this for months already and I have to say DON'T BUY IT. Or at least look at what else there is.

Fails on -
*Poor documentation (even online)
*Limited to 5 phones (difficult to clear memory)
*Sometimes gets locked onto a phone (if not disconnected properly and can't sync with anything else or the same phone)
*Voice recognition must be better on another product


Parrot Minikit Slim Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

i still reckon i'm more dangerous when i have my bottle of coke sat between my legs and am attempting to screw the lid of the bugger, wondering when its gonna become illegal to eat/drink - or in the worst case i've ever seen this week - spoon feeding an infant whilst driving.

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