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Win With a Father Like Mine $32.99
posted by Nos4R2D2
20 "I would like to gift this to my youngest daughter please. She has a drinking problem...:("
3rd August '15, 4:23am
posted by New Member »
Take A Walkthrough Of Kevin’s New Car
posted by Life Member
1 "Here I am thinking there is going to be a catch or something funny in this clip instead I wasted 5:29 of my life watching some fag talk about his hopelessly pathetic bog standard Toyota. Seriously Get Frank, I deserve a prize for that."
27th July '15, 4:07pm
posted by Life Member »
Win Troll Mountain by Matthew Reilly $24.99
posted by Lee
19 "Awesome. Count me in !!!"
26th July '15, 11:39am
posted by Peter T »
Prosecuting Sonny Tau
posted by Craig
1 "This is an example by the author of a problem in our society where lawyers and government departments think the answer is to give any offender a criminal conviction. A warning and education would do the job and not cost taxpayers a small fortune."
22nd July '15, 12:31pm
posted by Craig »
Win new Friskies Tasty Treasures flavours
posted by melanie
19 "Yes please. I have 11 kittens/cats...:) x"
19th July '15, 11:14pm
posted by New Member »
How To Defeat Your Gym Nemesis
posted by JasonMantis
1 "Perhaps it's because I'm British, but I really struggled to find this funny. It it supposed to be funny?"
6th July '15, 11:51am
posted by JasonMantis »
Why Is This Weather Broadcast The Most Popular TV Segment In Mexico?
posted by JasonMantis
1 "Holy hell that's a beerstand, not a butt.... "
22nd June '15, 11:17am
posted by JasonMantis »
Win Florence + The Machine How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
posted by trev23
20 "Yes please and I love all types of music. She has a fabulous voice too...:)"
22nd June '15, 12:55am
posted by New Member »
Clear Men Giveaway
posted by David
31 "Yes please and I love to try someone new on my hair...:)"
22nd June '15, 12:51am
posted by New Member »
How to Avoid the Pain in Relationships
posted by Sanela
5 "Relationships are part of life's journey.. having pain is a great part of being happy and glorious... as they say no pain, no glory... but we can minimize pain.. and be cool with it.. making one's journey of life more colourful and harmonious......"
18th June '15, 8:55pm
posted by Dave »

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