Discussing :: Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

With the launch of our forums on Getfrank and our sister site Chelsey.co.nz we've teamed up with LG to giveaway over $10,000 worth of LG electronics! The goal is to create an online community for like-minded kiwis to ask questions, share tips, ideas, inspiration and entertainment. As with any community to kick things off we're looking for a set of trailblazers to shape the culture and style of these forums and in return we've got the following on offer;        1st >>   47” Cinema 3D Smart TV LW6500 $2,999      2nd >>   42” Smart TV LV5500... read full article


Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

Awesome Competition, Great Prizes. I fear it will lead to alot of comments that either are spam or are almost spam.

That;s pretty awesome ill be spaming over that if i win and so will she and the TV will give me the extra inches i need post tramatic spam syndrome.

Most of what you read in forums is rubbish anyway. I'm going to try to make mine witty, pithy and relevant. After all, my television sucks arse big time and seriously needs replacing.

What an amazing prize. Fantastic effort needed to win this one.


Life's Good, alright! As someone with far too much time on their hands this is a awesome competition! geez I better get some new jokes and better puns (watch out Steff S) ready! LET'S ROCK! I gather you won't be adding comments from both websites if users are members of both???

I'm attempting to fit this in with a hectic work life, a 6 year old son and a new gf. Confirmation, if I needed it, that there is something inherently wrong with me.

this would be so cool to win


MEAN!! Will be interesting to see what people come up with


Excellent compo.... Cool prizes


Nice idea, but I'd rather read quality than quantity. Writers should get rewarded for things worth reading, rather than mindless dribble for points. Personally I wont be entering and most likely not reading any of it.

Yep. Agree. Thought this will be a great comp to try for but there is no way I can find the time to keep up with the highest posters. This has already become apparent in the last hour.

Pfft... I think the word you were looking for was drivel, not dribble. And anyway, those aren't even real horns.

OOooo - harsh Jason! And it only took you two months for that witty comeback! Nice!


I'm going for quality and quantity.... see you at the finish line!

I'll race you there! Bring it!

hahaha! I've been over at Chelsey for too long. I've been missing all of this high quality stuff.


I have suddenly become interested in your website again.

Always have been man, place to be!


What is 'almost spam'? Hey, hey, 'I can't believe it's not spam'.

You must be English....

goes well with mushy peas!!!


If you add spam to I can't believe it's not spam and mix them together, does it make "It's spam but I don't believe it... Kinda?"


Great competition,fantastic prizes all I can say is good on you Frank.

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