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Fight Diary: Josh Borthwick (Advertising slob, fair weather sailor and general layabout) Week 12 Weight – 78.1kg (Goal 78kg) Height - 5”11 (180cm) Waist – 32 inches (Goal 32 inches) “That’s boxing,” said Danny my coach. Of the four amateur fights set to take place that night before the pros strutted their stuff… not one of them went ahead unscathed. A major element of corporate boxing that I’d naively missed is the very strong chance the other guy won’t turn up! So there I was waiting to get the official medical exam that would give me the all clear to fight, and I noticed my opponent’s name on the... read full article


Ordinary Guy Fight Diary Week 12

Rats, but I would still count that as a win...we can only assume the opposition punked out at the thought of getting in the ring? You hit your weight goals and were still there ready to rumble. Maybe he saw the videos and had second thoughts?!

Thanks Phoenix. Who knows why they didn't show, but I can confirm it's pretty nerve-wracking building up to the day! I can see why someone might bail and it's made all the more easy for them when we haven't eyeballed one another and even made a gentleman's agreement to show! It was all worth it in the end either way and thanks for your support.


As many others have said – this blog has been a fantastic inspiration. Having faced similar challenges it’s awesome to see what someone can achieve with the right motivation. Congratulations/my sympathies for the way the final night turned out – are you continuing the diet/training?

A little bit of both - but not much of either if I'm to be completely honest! :-)


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