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Fight Diary: Josh Borthwick (Advertising slob, fair weather sailor and general layabout) Week 10 & 11 Weight – 79kg (Goal 78kg) Height - 5”11 (180cm) Waist – 33 inches (Goal 32 inches) There’s just over a week to go before the fight and I’m feeling solid and ready. I’ve got a bit of a bruised rib from last night’s sparring session, but hopefully that won’t bug my final bits of training too much. I’m working on faster, sharper hands now to win the fight. Most importantly – before I even step in the ring I’ve won. I’ve broken the elusive 80kg barrier and I’m positive I’ll get... read full article


Ordinary Guy Fight Diary Week 10 & 11

Massive - good luck for fight night!

Hey thanks Phoenix - I'm looking forward to it - should be an awesome night!


Kia Kaha, Josh...

Your posts over the past couple of months have been my inspiration to get fit too. I too am an ad man, out of shape and with a desire to prove I can match it with someone in the ring. Started training about a week before I first saw your diary, but have been following it religiously ever since. I'm not quite going as hard as you are though as I don't have a fight scheduled for the near future. But it will happen at some stage, it's a goal I have before getting too old.

Anyway, I digress. Just want to say good luck and don't forget your biggest weapon in the ring. Heart. Even when it's burning, push through. It can help you win even if the other guy has more talent, more skill, more training, more experience, etc.

Chur to all your churs so far,


Thanks Laz,

Good on you for giving it a go mate. The training's fantastic and I'd definitely recommend Tim Ferris's slow-carb diet if you want to shed a few KG too. I've got about 20 supporters (friends and family) coming on the night, so there'll definitely plenty of heart in the ring! I'll post the video next week so you can see how it went. Thanks for the kind words mate.


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