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.50 caliber on a 1,000 yard range.. when you hear something screaming towards you like this, suggest ducking!  read full article


One in a million shot

Cant be real?..


One in a million shot

Mike, well I am told by an Army connection of mine, yes it can! It does happen occasionally in target shooting. Its bad luck of course, the odds are small. But a high velocity bullet has a tremendous amount of energy, and if the surfaces it impacts have the wrong (or right depending on your view!) angles on them, it can come straight back. In this instance, it hit the ground in front of him and bounced back up. In another Vid I saw recently, it stuck the shooter directly.


One in a million shot

Sounds like the boys from King of the Hill....


One in a million shot

Wow lucky guy


One in a million shot

thats hilarious.

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