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Vancouver 2010 is well under way and our TV screens have been bursting with athletic super powers. These ten fine women are only the tip of the ice berg, but they are exceptional in their sport and also in the way they make watching their sport o-so much more enjoyable.  Country: United States of America Sport: Freestyle Skier Claim to Awesomeness: Kristi was the first woman ever to pull a rodeo 720—two rotations, head pointed to the earth. read full article


Olympic Goddesses

Pity they compete in sports that require the wearing of too many layers of clothes!


Olympic Goddesses

LOVE the idea of a TOP 10 Olympic Goddesses...but I'm praying you don't do one for the Summer Olympics..."Top 10 Eastern Eurpean Hammer Throwers". I don't think we could stomach that... ;) I was flicking through the sports channels on the weekend and came across Russia versus USA women's CURLING...um....I'm not sure whether it is an actual requirement to be SMOKING HOT to qualify for a women's Olympic curling team...or just a coincidence...but either way I'd definitely recommend the women's curling to anyone who wants to see some great action on the ice... There's something very appealing about a sport which combines women with broom sticks...what more can a male sportsfan ask for? ;)

100% agree. I saw the Denmark curling team and thought the same thing. Picked on how hot they were


Olympic Goddesses

I'm spending this year living between Norway and New Zealand. So far all the Goddesses in the Norwegian winter have only been showing their faces but it's my imagination that raises them to Olympian Status. I will make it my personal mission to see if they look as good in lingerie (like Kristi) as my imagination has already awarded GOLD Medals to a few of the Winter Goddesses in Norway. The bonus for me is summer is coming in Norway and I might just get to see the Swim Suit option as well.


Olympic Goddesses

Yeah well you're all drooling over how hot some of the winter athletes look just think that alot of them have their legs and arms well hidden and probably haven't bothered shaving for the past few months. Still sexy - probably not! lol.


Olympic Goddesses

It's a pity that so many people focus more on the looks of these athletes than their fantastic talent. Still, if you've got the look AND the talent, then good on ya.


Olympic Goddesses

Snow Bunnys FTMFW!


Olympic Goddesses

I thought that the pic that is Torah Bright might have actually been Juliane Bray. Jules is the NZ flag bearer and one hell of a boardrider. Looks kinda similar, tho Jules was never big on makeup. In Nelson Jules and I used to chug beers and stuff at the skatepark. She always rode hard and fast, I remember her pulling this mass frontside grab off a curb in one of the "no Skateboarding" Carparks.. She was just into it. Another time we went up behind the cathedral in Nelson and skated some hills. I was carving in and out of driveways, as it was a real steep hill. But no, Jules just straightlined it. She just rode straight down this mega hill at mega speed. Now I can skate, but she was insane. I vowed never to doubt a womans capability in any male dominated sport ever again. You rock Jules, love ya babe. Respect.

Here she is 2nd from right <3


Olympic Goddesses

If Kristi can pull a rodeo 720 she's probably nailed a reverse cowgirl as well.


Olympic Goddesses

YEAH go the reverse cowgirl call!!!...

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