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There is much romance surrounding the concept of escaping the rat race to live a self-sustainable lifestyle and surely Aotearoa is the best place on earth to make this back-to-basics dream come true... comedian Te Radar is finding out. This series explores the delights and difficulties of trying to sustain oneself off what one man can hunt, grow and fish. Te Radar is discovering there is much to keep one occupied on long cold nights in the tent; do saucers of beer really keep snails off cabbages? Does goat make tasty salami? And what happens when the time comes for Willie the pet pig to hit the dinner platter? Off The Radar also touches on topical green issues... read full article


Off the Radar DVD's

this is a word of warning for anyone out hunting for their dinner. it was late autumn just a few hours from dusk i headed up the farm to where the farm land met the bush. with a good deer stalk in mind i sat and admired the view i had from the top of the farm over looking the small Waikato town/ district of Matamata as i sat their i noticed a crash and banging coming through the bush towards me. i readied my rifle and sneaked just into the bush where i new a small clearing was that the deer would have to pass through. i reached the clearing jst as the crashing did. i lifted cocked my rifle, removed the safety and lifted it up to my shoulder all in the 1 movement. i peered down the scope where it creature was about 2 emerge. i did this just in time as emerged not a deer but a hunter. moral of the story identify your target and don't poach or you mite get shot. ps.i didn't fire and the poacher was escorted off the property with a trespassing notice


Off the Radar DVD's

Well it was back in the 90's and i was walking though town with an onion on my belt as that was the fashion back then..


Off the Radar DVD's

I loved jumping in Grandads garden and having a good feed of Strawberrys, Gooseberrys etc All in the name of "hiding go seek".


Off the Radar DVD's

We too are trying to become more self sufficient, we got an kune kune pig and decided we would get a wild piglet that we would raise so we could make some bacon, well we had reared this little pig and everything was going fine until the day that they broke out of their pen and decimated my pride crop of 150 sweat corn crop. For years and years I had said that I would grow my own corn and the very first year I got whole 5 ears of corn, the pigs I'm happy to say are still alive, just!! and are now secure in their pens by an amazing kiwi invention called the electric fence.


Off the Radar DVD's

growing your own veges cooking them up and eating them, saves money.


Off the Radar DVD's

i only know too well the damage livestock can cause, my chickens keep breaking into my vege patch... blimin vultures!!


Off the Radar DVD's

Chasing the chooks around grandads back garden on a motor mower racing machine.


Off the Radar DVD's

Starting off with nothing but dirt and creating a garden and watching it grow


Off the Radar DVD's

Sitting outside with a beer in the band!


Off the Radar DVD's

I asked my partner to make me a fence around the vegetable garden so that my dog would not dig it up and he promised to do it by the end of November. Well, the fence is half done and we had to buy veges all summer. Screw the DVD, send me Radar, he looks useful.

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