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In true bureaucratic style, the ministry has staggered through an eye watering budget of $3.6 million, creating what is an embarrassing and piss poor replica of New Zealand’s leading events site, eventfinder.co.nz. By all accepted metrics the website has completely failed to meet its stated objectives, despite spending $270,000 on consultancy fees alone before the website had even launched. “... it’s unclear how a government website promotes local culture by running listings for forthcoming tours by INXS and former Sha Na Na singer Bowzer.” — Russell Brown, NZ Listener Ignoring repeated calls from industry, MPs and the public to... read full article



Good on you Rich, for publicising this matter. The profligate waste that went on under the last Government seems to know no limits. As time goes on we learn more and more. The Nats must have thier heads spinning trying to keep track of it all! No wonder Bill English has brought in a few professionals to try and control expenditure. Another example. NZ Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), are the main Agency charged with the task of fostering Exports from NZ. They set up a web site MarketNewZealand.com to serve as the portal for overseas buyers. N Z Exporters listed their businesses on the site and overseas buyers can use it to see if we could supply thier needs. Cost from memory a few million dollars to set up, around 2003 or 2004. The one drawback was that NZTE insisted on screeing all inquiries, so it took time before the Exporter actually got to see it. Now NZTE have decided to can it, saying that it took up too much admin time for the level of business generated. The Web site now just lists a few other commercial web sites where one can locate expporters. So now there is no State operated front door for buyers to find a matching exporter. The money spent, down the drain.



Jacko, Sounds like there could be a chance for some bright spark with an actual understanding of what's needed to pounce on that gap in the market... I look forward to the day that I can score a 'consulting' contract to the government. They don't seem to care how much they hand over once they've given something the green light. License to print $$$$


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