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  The Herald yesterday devoted its editorial to the case for a republic, and highlighting the complete absence of political leadership on the issue. Both Prime Ministers [Kevin Rudd and John Key] have suggested that cutting free the monarchy is not a priority, given the many serious issues facing their countries. More likely, they see no political gain in committing to a process that would deliver this outcome. Therein lies the problem. As inevitable and as desirable as a republic is, there is, generally speaking, no strong or strident support for it. Support for the monarchy is equally tepid. If republican sentiment is to blossom, it needs to be... read full article


NZ as a Republic?

Curious as to why this concept should suddenly become raised again? Australia has had quite a vocal following for Republicanism in the last few years, but there has not been much of an echo over here. The only real gain, since we dropped access to the legal arbiters of the House of Lords in major Court cases, is that the Treaty of Waitangi would be then expunged. However I cannot imagine any Government with the balls to drive through with a Republic and not write back into the new Constitution some revised form of Treaty. So what are the perceived benefits of such a move? Be interesting to see what our Readers feel about this subject!


NZ as a Republic?

First step would be to create a 'New Zealand Day', a holiday to celebrate being Kiwi.

I'm all in on that.

more public holidays the better i say


NZ as a Republic?

I used to think it was great to have a royal family and be part of the commonwealth and I still think as a small country we should have some backup or support by being affiliated to a bigger power (so to speak) - however I think as the royal family has changed and appear to be less people concerned and more self centred that maybe its time for a change. Question is can we go it alone?


NZ as a Republic?

Does anybody really care whether we are a republic or not, and by anybody, I mean anybody else? Are we going to sell more apples, get more tourists, win more rugby world cups? I think not, and when I think of republics, I tend to think of bananas, specifically, bananas grown by moustachioed men called Raoul wearing sweaty khaki and laughing maliciously. Can we really be bothered going through all of the hassle of becoming a republic if the only benefit is that people will look at us a very young new nation full gusty and banana growers called Raoul. Don't we have bigger fish to fry?


NZ as a Republic?

I'm with you Chris! We struggle enough with the Banana Republic image at times anyway, why add to that! We seem to have moved on from being called a nation of sheep lovers, now that the numbers of sheep has fallen so much. I wonder what our cow population is like after the growth in dairying? We do need to be famous for something.


NZ as a Republic?

I have a thing about being called a Republic, sounds as though it has a nasty twinge to it. How about just plain old "New Zealand", nobody will remember the queen in 60 nanoseconds anyway! We are already famous for something, we are bloody nice people!


NZ as a Republic?

I really don't see where this republic thing comes from, I fail to see any advantages to a republic. After all, what is wrong with the Monarchy? A bit of history is a good thing. After all we have arguably been the most colonial of colonies that Great Britan has had - even (theoreticaly) declearing war on the Kasier before the UK did. It is even said that Kiwi English is the closest to the Queens English left anywhere in the world. Seriuosly though, I just don't see the advantages of being a republic. I seriously doubt we are going to change to a head of state with any power to them selves (al la USA) - to much power for one person. Why change?


NZ as a Republic?

Yes, it would just be another enormous waste of money for no tangible change to anything.



NZ as a Republic?

Nah just leave it as we are, too messy! I think we as a country are trucking along nicely


NZ as a Republic?

Not to hijack the topic, but we've got more pressing issues! The Northern and Southern Motorways. What's up with those names? How many tourists get confused by directions such as 'head south on the Northern'?? And speaking of the North, what's with exit ramps to roads? If I want to go to Birkenhead, I'll be looking for a signpost saying BIRKENHEAD, not bloody Onewa Road. If I'm from out of town I'm not going to go 'Oh yeah Onewa Road, that's the road to Birkenhead'. Rant over. Leave North and South Islands as they are or tourists are going to end up in Te Awamutu, when they wanted to go to Te Anau.

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