Discussing :: Nonnative Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Here is the first look at the nonnative Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, with the Japanese labels comfortable yet conceptual aesthetic making a further impression. A nomadic feel breathes through each garment, with a very natural pallet of colors a central aspect of the collection.   read full article


Nonnative Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Is this realy fashion? dose anyone wear this stuf?


What are you talking about Richard - every one of these outfits is fantastic in my book! Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder... This is my first introduction to nonnative and I just LOVE the style - my brother will be thanking you no end as there are so many pieces on this page alone that I want to treat him too.....however i'm not sure my credit card will be quite as grateful!! Thanks Get Frank for showcasing yet another label that would otherwise have not entered my fashion radar - much appreciated.


my friend has just gone to japan to do some relief work. i know that he's going to come back with some nice threads though. A pair of chino's can really set off an outfit, as demonstrated by nonnative.


Some dope jackets there, that's what I love about winter, wearing nice as class jackets and coats. Boom! Great collection, although not everything is for me


I think it's not really the clothes that are throwing us out here, but the styling - how much more hobo granola can you get?? Doesn't make it seem fancy or stylish and the modelling is a bit stagnant, however I think we can all appreciate the rustic warm of this collection that it is trying to convey.


Pretty subdue tones... I can almost see Kiwi guys wearing some of these. Not so sure about the bath robe on the 5th to last pic though!


I am not sure about the tartan cardigan thing but some of those jackets are seriously styley. Might go shopping myself instead of letting my wife clothes shop for me (she might come back with the tartan cardi heaven forbid)


Maybe I could borrow that poncho/blanket thing when I go have my 2 el Jimadors at Dockside and I've seen better looking models on last seasons NZNTM. hey wait! is that Danielle????????????


Fashion is simply COMFORT in dressing-up whether its fall, winter, summer or spring...its the friendly STATEMENT coming from oneself that counts, and others are just the audiences of the comfort and statement of one's dressing-up... It feels great that we here in Kiwiland has these fashionista trend anytime and anywhere of anyseason...Cheers mate!


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