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Nike Special Forces Boot see’s itself show up yet again this week, this time, given the ACG makeover, in the form of a hardwearing outdoor boot. The Nike ACG Rhyolite SFB is available in a light brown suede and a deep brown leather, and is my new favourite sneaker! read full article


Nike ACG SFB Rhyolite

Another shoe? what does it do? are you supposed to wear it or nail it to your wall? surely you wouldn't wear it at the price they sell em. If you want em free, join the army, maybe they'll shotgun it to the wall LOL


Nike ACG SFB Rhyolite

The acid test of this shoe is if it can survive the armor piercing high heels of women. Men have been left mangled after dancing with high heel clad, bag clutching semi intoxicated females. If they come out with a dress version of these shoes, i might invest in a pair.


Nike ACG SFB Rhyolite

Wow I didnt even know Nike made shoes like these, they are awesome and super suitable for men in the building industry due to their hardwaring structure and the leather is a bonus! Freak'n great gift for dad


Nike ACG SFB Rhyolite

I wonder if these are suitable for running in since they are designed for special forces, If so, I think they would be ideal for the street or going for bush runs as it would probably support the ankles much better then the standard running show which ends below the ankle bone. Im sure they are expensive but if they are sturdy, solid and comfortable, they could very well be worth every cent..


Nike ACG SFB Rhyolite

Go Nike for making something that doesn't stamp their brand 10 million times over one shoe. It actually doesn't look like yet another Nike clone, and is a stylish and practical boot.


Nike ACG SFB Rhyolite

Kick ass boot, would do well tramping through the Waitakeres, i for one do not mind spending less on my clothes and more on my footwear. You can wear stylish clothing and be let down by your choice of shoe, but, even in daggy clothes great shoes are much appreciated.

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