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Serious skincare for men. Created by a man for men, Nickel is a skincare range and spa exclusively designed for men. The products are high performance, easy to use and give instant results, making users look and feel great. Find out more about the Nickel skincare range.We've got a pack worth over $150 up for offer     -    Morning after rescue Gel, Smooth Operator, & Super Clean scubbing Gel To secure your entry in the draw, inspire us al below with another golden gift idea that you've delivered on for fathers day.  read full article


Nickel Skincare Pack

1&1/2 hours of deep tissue massage with a big tuff girl, hands like plates....


Nickel Skincare Pack

Hot air balloon ride – the old fella loved it!


Nickel Skincare Pack

took my dad on the lion red brewery tour, then delivered him a selection of the most exotic beers I could find. he loves the frosty brew!


Nickel Skincare Pack

Book the Old Man a chartered fishing trip from Raglan. Everything supplied including rod, bait, lunch and some beers. Managed to snag one decent fish... Job done!!


Nickel Skincare Pack

First grandchild - doesn't get much better then that.


Nickel Skincare Pack

Peace and quiet


Nickel Skincare Pack

Picked up him, had a mean cooked breakfast with the best steak. New Fishing rod for his boat, and a brand new slate pool table erected. $500 in his tab account to punt with and his slave for the rest of my life under the stairs ...lolz just kidding


Nickel Skincare Pack

bake a cake!


Nickel Skincare Pack

Getting him the Mac Daddy of BBQ's! With a few Kg's of Baby Back ribs! So he can work on perfecting his Homemade barbecue sauce All the while he'll be roasting, baking, smoking, grilling, spit roasting,Frying rotisserating on the side.


Nickel Skincare Pack

Having never really outgrown his boyracer days back in the 'ol Anglia.... a radar detector. Just loves it when he knows a cop's around and no-one else does! And old boys never outgrow new toys.


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