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Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers is a proud New Zealand family-owned and operated business, calling on five generations of experience and craftsmanship to create an inspired range of shirts. The extensive range at Nicholas Jermyn includes men’s and women’s shirts, ties and cufflinks. Rich textures of the highest quality and meticulous attention to detail ensure Nicholas Jermyn shirts remain an investment piece. In addition to this, Nicholas Jermyn has now gone online and launched a comprehensive, hassle-free shopping website. With easy to follow navigation, www.nicholasjermyn.co.nz is the perfect solution for business men and women wanting to save... read full article


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

Daniel Craig - In my opinion it's not just what you wear, it's how you wear it.

had a look at all the celebs etc,couldnt go past this guy.
style for men made to look simple,acheivable.



Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

Stephan Winkelmann - CEO of Lamborghini


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

it has to be the man who can wear sunglasses anywhere he damn well wants too.. The one and only.. "BONO" [video]5cv4eI05fwQ[/video]


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

Always blow on the pie... ...Safer Communities Together. [video]Q7UX8KASASU[/video]


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

this guy.


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

Here we go... Man of power both on and off the field. A Super hero status that possesses not only physical power, but the philosophical power. He is always well dressed in black on black, teaming up with accessories such as head gear, strapping, and knee high socks and can wear such a look remarkably. This is clothing which is tailor made, and a very limited edition. He also has the power to lead a team into battle, and the power to woo very good looking ladies.... why more guys have not followed his lead and dress like this is questioning.


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

MJ...a well-dressed man in the height of his career


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

The worlds most powerful and sexual man. Impeccable taste, top secret MI6 Spy job and a knighthood to boot. Woman can't resist him, Men want to be him. His clothes exude confidence, power and sexual innuendo. I present to you, Austin Danger Powers KBE.


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

You can't get much more powerful than 7-time Mr Olympia (1970-75, 1980), the Austrian Oak, 38th Governer of California, your favourite cybernetic organism...ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Hasta la vista, baby.


Nicholas Jermyn Shirtmakers Set worth $476

Robert Downey Jr, of course! He's always dressed to impress...


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