Discussing :: New Race-based Legislation Tabled

In an astonishing twist of fate, the party that came back from the wilderness on the promise of unifying the country by putting an end to divisive race-based legislation and abolishing the Maori seats is now planning to carve up New Zealand’s coastline to hand it over to selected Maori tribes. The extent of National’s reversal can be seen in the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill that was tabled in Parliament last week.[1] read full article


New Race-based Legislation Tabled

Ye gods!! This is absolutely HORRIFYING! I thought the whole business had been pretty much sorted; that eager, young Maori lawyers were 'trying it on', as much to test points of law as anything else. And of course anyone who says anything against giving away sovereign power of the foreshore and seabed will be slammed as racist. I have some reading to do I think...


New Race-based Legislation Tabled

see bed. want more shore


New Race-based Legislation Tabled

I could only stand reading half of this because it is complete bullshit - we live in a country with Parliament Supremacy so Parliament can take back the seabed and foreshore if need be (this is not going to get out of hand). The seabed and foreshore issue came about because Ngati Ata wanted rights to mussel farm and the council were handing them out to overseas companies and not looking into it - when they asked the Waitangi tribunal it became apparent that it already belonged to Maori not the crown. What labour did was modern day land confiscation. And if you had any smarts then you wouldn't be afraid of other cultures having some say in the Western world because if we don't change the British culture which is raping this world of natural resources then we're not going to be around much longer = for me a culture based on Tikanga - wellbeing - returning to the land which you borrow it could teach us a lot.


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