Discussing :: National has no mandate for promoting racial separatism

You and I, gentle readers, can see all too clearly what is happening to our country.  In despair we watch the whole colossal slow-motion train wreck, helpless to do anything about it. It is not that we are not trying to help. We warn, we write letters to newspapers, we support blogs such as this, we make our views plain to politicians, we spread the word in season and out of season. Yet nothing we say or do makes the slightest bit of difference. We are modern day Cassandras, gifted with prophecy yet cursed that our accurate predictions of doom will never be believed. That is not quite accurate though. There is one significant difference between... read full article


National has no mandate for promoting racial separatism

I stopped reading this at the point where the writer claimed " we value freedom and sponteneity". Who or what is the NZCPR? Are they for real? Do they actually carry out any "research" - and if they do, are they capable of framing sensible questions or even interpreting the results? Or have I got this wrong...maybe Frank has unannounced, added humour to the editorial section..,..


National has no mandate for promoting racial separatism

I think this is a great article. I think it is beyond time for the past to be let go, and for us to move forward to our future. It's not about Pakeha versus Maori. By now we should have moved beyond this - it is not right for the generations of late to be responsible for the faults of their ancestors, and I'd think that nowadays it is getting to the point where it is just people out to get what they can. Believe me, I'm not saying this lightly and I'm in no way biased - I have both a Maori and Pakeha background so I can acknowledge that yes, New Zealand has a tragic history in regard to racial seperatism. However, it is unfair for one race to get more than another, because of what their ancestors suffered. By not uniting together as a country and forgiving each other our past faults, we are merely continuing to allow racism to occur, for racism is the discrimination of one race against another, purely for the fact that they are from a different race. I for one refuse to put my ethicity down as NZ European or NZ Maori. I'm a New Zealander, pure and simple. This is how we should all see it, because race should not matter. It shouldn't have mattered in the past, and we know that now, but by refusing to take this perspective into the future, we are just letting history repeat itself (but in the opposite direction).

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