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Sharon Stone’s infamous ‘did she or didn’t she’ flashing scene in Basic Instinct proved to be the TV moment that had Brits reaching for the pause button the most, according to a poll commissioned in the UK last year. Well, we want to find out what Kiwi’s think is the spiciest movie scene they’ve ever seen. Nando’s is a key sponsor of V 48HOURS – Furious Filmmaking, and is not only feeding hungry film makers over the weekend, but also giving an award for the Spiciest Scene (out of the anticipated 500+ entries). We have the ultimate spicy dinner party pack from Nando’s to give away – dinner... read full article


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

Marilyn Monroe - Seven Year Itch [video]Q92zpt9QCYM[/video]


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

9 ½ Weeks - the blindfolded food scenes with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

Nada the exchange student "enjoying" herslef in Jim's bedroom in American Pie gets my vote. Oh, suits you Sir!


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

Cruel intentions - God DAMN!! [video]Oct0Ul2uC8g[/video]


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

The Sweetest Thing [video]sQVeJeqT968[/video]


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

cruel intentions


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

Wild things 3 shower scene [video]O9NpwqnONeE[/video]


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

My vote for the sexiest movie scene ever made goes to: Salma Hayek and the snake dancing scene, in From Dusk Til Dawn. Salma is sexy, mysterious, and exotic - all wrapped up in one irresistible package. Enjoy. [video]zvCTkBKRggc[/video]


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

Had to throw that one in there for all the girls, spicy but not too hot, thats how I like my chicken ! [video]ptOUDeJu3Fg[/video]


Nando's Spiciest Movie Scene

American Beauty - giggidy giggidy


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