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The myth: female ejaculation is an urban legend; it’s just something that was made up by people with over active imaginations to sell porn films. The reality: female ejaculation is as real as male ejaculation. It’s just not as common – only around 10% of women ejaculate a clear fluid from their urethra while they are sexually stimulated. Want to know more? Then keep reading.The Science BitNow that you know female ejaculation exists, you’re probably wondering how it happens and what that magical liquid is. Contrary to popular belief a woman is not peeing when she ejaculates, when she is aroused the G-Spot fills with a fluid which is... read full article


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

Tastes great too.. :-)


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

I have managed to ahieve this twice with my partner and it is very hot! Not easy to do, but fortunately I do enjoy trying...


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

This is one of my fantasies.. Might have to practice a wee bit alone before enticing the hubby! ;)


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

Apparently it's achieveable! haven't managed it....yet! with a 10% chance fingers crossed I'm in that 10%!


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

dont be silly, i dont think its a myth, but if i want it to happen i just need to leave the room :)


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

Ah, The holy grail of the sexual world.


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

the feeling is unbeleivable. my partner loves making me have one


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

Yes please, Maybe if I had the right toys I to could get my wife sparying my face. The above is the perfect way to give head and one I have done all my life but now with this in mind I will have to give it special attention.

Not all women do- but I'm stoked when my GF does...you can really feel it :)


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

well im 35 in a few months and ive never ever even had an orgasim at all...in my whole life...not even one!!!! so i think i need these toys to try to help me achieve this...what seems so difficult to do..orgasim PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME :0 :)


Myth Buster: Female Ejaculation

Might have to give this a blast!

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