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Moustache Gate

Did anyone else notice him go a little red there? He knew he was wading into a world of pain with that one. Yet like a bondage recipient to the spanking - he just couldn't resist touching his toes. Pretty funny, but probably a real shitter for the poor woman on the telly.

Hahah Sadistic beauty at its best


Moustache Gate

Paul Henry is awesome.


Moustache Gate

pretty insensitive - she was being interviewed on a serious subject and all he can do is focus on a trivial aspect for cheap laughs.Shallow!


Moustache Gate

Lol yes it's insensitive but hell it's funny. He just says what everyone else was thinking...


Moustache Gate



Moustache Gate

hahaha wot a good c*nt


Moustache Gate

Paul Henry is a prize cock. He's such a smug bespectacled prick, championing the plateau of mediocre and sub par television. I'm quite sure the only thrill in his self absorbed, woman's weekly featurette world, comes from embarrassing his co-host and network with this juvenile show offy stunt. It wasn't controversial or clever, it was bland and lacking in wit. I hear echoes of the ghost of Paul Holmes in it. Perhaps if his mother had aborted him at the fetal stage, we might be spared his banality and try hard performance on good Morning and this is your life.


Moustache Gate

Tim Harding. Shut up ha ha. Paul Henry is all class. If you know so much abut humour and television hosting. Why are you not on my TV screen every morning. Shot Paul. Class act.


Moustache Gate

love your work Mr Henry!!


Moustache Gate

With his right-wing leanings anybody wanting to talk about nuclear testing/radiation from 'Greenpeace' would never stand a chance. Its all hilarious until that is your mother/sister/mates wife whatever. This isn't Monty Python ... this is a real human being people.Juvenile.


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