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Be a part of MOTAT’s first open air cinema experience! MOTAT is giving one lucky person the chance to win tickets to the New Zealand premiere of Tom Cruise’s eagerly awaited new film ‘Valkyrie’. Hosted by MOTAT, this premiere will be a star studded affair held outside MOTAT’s historic aircraft hanger on Friday January 30th. To celebrate the occasion, Get Frank is giving away a Valkyrie package valued at $150 which includes x2 complimentary passes to the premiere, x1 MOTAT family pass, as well as Valkyrie merchandise including a t-shirt, cap and bag. To enter simply detail below what you think really happened to Adolf... read full article


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He was beamed aboard a Klingon space ship to help them in a battle against Kirk in the starship Enterprise. When that failed, he was captured by Kirk and put on a deserted planet with other criminals to die. But survived to later battle Kirk and eventually be killed by Kirk.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

he's dead as door nail mow but didnt die by suicide as said .. that was a double ... he dies of old age living in hiding in luxuary


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Hitler committed suicide, along with his new wife. -Adolf Hitler did not kill himself out of any sort of remorse for the deaths of others. He did it out of fear of being caught. He never felt remorse for the deaths of the Jews because he believed himself to be right and justified. Racism usually means that a person truely believes that what they are doing is right and that whatever other race it is, is lesser than they are and do not deserve equality or sometimes even life. After taking cyanide, first tested on his dog Blondie, he shot himself through the right temple. (the poison worked on Eva, not on Adolf.) Apparently, he took a poison capsule and shot himself through the mouth. (It was the right temple, not the mouth)


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

ran for the 2008 republican nomination under the name 'ron paul'. you can tell it's true because if you rearrange the letters in 'Ronald Earnest Paul' (if that IS his real name), you get 'Reaped a Troll's Nun'. so there.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Shaved off his mo and high tailed it to Argentina where he spent the rest of his life running a day care centre.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He was gunned down and it was look like he commited suicide!


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

It was a combination of cyanide and a bullet to the head. Or he is still alive as an elvis impersonator in Las Vegas living off his ability to con the tourists out of their money with his amazing persuasive skills......maybe


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