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Be a part of MOTAT’s first open air cinema experience! MOTAT is giving one lucky person the chance to win tickets to the New Zealand premiere of Tom Cruise’s eagerly awaited new film ‘Valkyrie’. Hosted by MOTAT, this premiere will be a star studded affair held outside MOTAT’s historic aircraft hanger on Friday January 30th. To celebrate the occasion, Get Frank is giving away a Valkyrie package valued at $150 which includes x2 complimentary passes to the premiere, x1 MOTAT family pass, as well as Valkyrie merchandise including a t-shirt, cap and bag. To enter simply detail below what you think really happened to Adolf... read full article


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

I reckon he relocated to the Middle East, got a tan, threw a towel around his head and changed his name to Osama Bin Laden!


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Someone done him over - he's dead!


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

The Soviets did it. Its always the Soviets, just ask the American's... Senator McCarthy he knows.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He is living with Elvis in Hamilton with a bunch of ex playboy bunny girls getting fat eating fried peanut butter sandwiches and shooting TV's when he gets bored


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Pretty sure he topped himself and is no longer...


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

The Germans were losing it big time and Hitler was out of control so his high rake had him assassinated.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He is DEAD


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Hitler was found by the russians who got information from him about his secrets then gassed him in a bunker coming back to burn his body and then spreading his ashes into a underground tomb.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Escaped the bunker and went on to father Lord Lucan


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He was found dead and naked after he commited suicide (the selfish Punk!!)

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