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Be a part of MOTAT’s first open air cinema experience! MOTAT is giving one lucky person the chance to win tickets to the New Zealand premiere of Tom Cruise’s eagerly awaited new film ‘Valkyrie’. Hosted by MOTAT, this premiere will be a star studded affair held outside MOTAT’s historic aircraft hanger on Friday January 30th. To celebrate the occasion, Get Frank is giving away a Valkyrie package valued at $150 which includes x2 complimentary passes to the premiere, x1 MOTAT family pass, as well as Valkyrie merchandise including a t-shirt, cap and bag. To enter simply detail below what you think really happened to Adolf... read full article


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

he's gone with the wind!


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

he had plastic surgery and changed his name to dick cheney


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

After the fall of the soviet union what happened to the remains of Hitler are well documented. The red army recovered the remains in the grounds of the reichschanclery and soon had them identified by Hitlers dentist. Stalin was suspicious of a nazi plot, and it was not until 1950 that the soviets where completely convinced that the remains where Hitlers. The remains where buried in various Smersh and KGB compounds in eastern Germany in fear that they would become a rallying point for ex nazi's In the early 70's the head of the KGB in east Germany, the future Soviet leader Yuri Andropov was shocked to discover the existence of the remains. he contacted the soviet leadership in Moscow, and with their permission had the remains cremated and the ashes thrown into the river Elbe in secret.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

i think he couldn't live with what he had done and committed suicide


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

I'm eternally hopeful that he was taken away in a Back-to-Future type mobile back to 1939. Where he began life as a Jew living in Germany. Karma.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Surely he shot himself in the head. Or was it that he got his right hand man to shoot him in the head. When he knew it was all over.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

I have always thought that him and his wife took cyanide pills and killed themselves??


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

I think he was secretly assinated but no body wants to claim that they did away with him for fear of retribution.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He hopefully died a loooong painful death, after his fingers and toes had fallen off from frost-bite.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He moved to New Zealand and had a sex change


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