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Be a part of MOTAT’s first open air cinema experience! MOTAT is giving one lucky person the chance to win tickets to the New Zealand premiere of Tom Cruise’s eagerly awaited new film ‘Valkyrie’. Hosted by MOTAT, this premiere will be a star studded affair held outside MOTAT’s historic aircraft hanger on Friday January 30th. To celebrate the occasion, Get Frank is giving away a Valkyrie package valued at $150 which includes x2 complimentary passes to the premiere, x1 MOTAT family pass, as well as Valkyrie merchandise including a t-shirt, cap and bag. To enter simply detail below what you think really happened to Adolf... read full article


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Hanging with Osama somewhere in Pakistan


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Using his knowledge of the immense tunnel network the Nazi's put in place, Hitler moved silently to the outskirts of the Russian front - leaving the brother of his, lesser-know, good twin brother in the arms of Eva Braun. Upon growing out his moustache, Adolf adopted the Russian version of his name Sagdiyev, fathering an illegimate child to a hirsute woman from Kazakhstan. While Adolf would live out the rest of his days as a poor farmer in the Russian hinterlands, his son would find a certain level of fame as a foreign correspondent, presenting the Kazakh way of life to the world.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

The Many Deaths of Hilter This excerpt from a pulication (Monday, May. 14, 1945) "Adolf Hitler had died more deaths in one week than any man in history. Said the Hamburg radio: Hitler died "at his command post in the Reich Chancellery, fighting the Russians to the last." Said Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, who had it from Heinrich Himmler on April 24; Hitler had a cerebral hemorrhage, might already be dead. Said Dr. Hans Fritzsche, captured Goebbels deputy: Hitler had committed suicide. Said the Tokyo radio: Hitler was killed by an exploding shell as he walked down the steps of his Berlin Chancellery. Said the Paris-Presse: After a quarrel with Hitler over the continuation of the war, other Nazi leaders blew him to bits by a bomb placed in his underground fortress in the Tiergarten on April 21. Said the London Daily Express: Hitler is on his way to Japan in a U-boat. Said United Press war correspondent Edward W. Beattie Jr., liberated last week after eight months in Nazi captivity: Germans believe that Hitler was killed in last year's bomb plot. Soviet soldiers dug deep into the rubble of the Reich Chancellery for Hitler's corpse. They did not find it. Dr. Fritzsche explained to them: "The body has been hidden in a place impossible to find." But Russia was determined to find Hitler, dead or alive. Said Pravda: "Whether he escaped to hell, to the devil's paws, or to the arms of fascist protectors, still he is no more. We shall find out what really happened to him. And if he escaped, we shall find him, no matter where he is."


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

I say he is hiding in his secret lair under the Atlantic Ocean with John Wayne, drawing magma from the earths core in a compicated plot to fuel global warming; and waiting for the ensuing panic to provide the prefect climate to introduce the Nazi/Cowboy Coalition party and take over the world....


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Adolf Hitler had a cowards end to his pathetic little life. Sadly we still meet demi-hitlers on a daily basis. The human races one savour is humour, out every bad thing that happens life the human race has an amazing ability to find humour in it, as shown in this youtube video [video]mnRIejYv9mo[/video]


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He never died, he lived in the hills with Osama performing many experiments in a joint effort to conquer the world...one experiment went wrong though...Hitler ended up with brown skin hair and eyes...and no cock. He now works on K' road earning $6000 a week. Don't be fooled next time youre cruisin down K' road looking for a cheap shag boys


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

Adolf Hitler is not dead, he has merely changed form, evil never dies, it always re-incarnates itself. Currently the demon formerly known as Adolf Hitler, is alive and functioning in all manner of sadistic torment and cruelty as Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe. A new Valkyrie Squad is crucial once again to ensure that the latest incarnation of pure evil is banished once more from the face of the Earth, to provide a reprieve until yet again Evil is re-incarnated..........


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

We may never ever know. Personally, I think one of his many enemies murdered him and hid the body.


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

I think he really did kill himself


MOTAT Valkyrie giveaway

He moved to New York and opened a soup kitchen.

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