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Meridian Energy is planning an 80.5MW wind farm in the Greta Valley, north of Christchurch. Its an area of the country which doesn't have much generation in it, and which therefore relies on power imported from elsewhere. A local windfarm will relieve that problem somewhat, as well as shifting the balance further towards renewables and away from dirty fossil generation. Neighbours are already objecting on the basis of the turbines "spoiling their view", but the Environment Court has repeatedly ruled that that is not a good reason to reject a project unless the landscape in question is recognised as having outstanding local or national significance. While... read full article


More wind

I think people would complain more if we decided to start building more coal mines and factories across the landscape. They should start to think more and whinge less when it comes to clean enrgy sources, or come up with some better solutions.


More wind

I agree with Dan - there are worse things to have across your view - ask the Waikato once the latest lines of Transpower pylons start to march across their landscape...wind power is clean, has a minimal foot print (you can still farm under it, and doesn't require ongoing imports of consumable fuels...and if you don't like it, as Dan says, come up with something better...


More wind

with the price of power why aren't more people complaining that there are not enough wind stations around, like the west coast now they realise that hey why don't we utilise all the water and put in a hydro dam. The penny's finally dropped


More wind

...and rather than limit new houses to merely passive means, why not require them to have a small solar panel as well, even if it's only enough to power the LED on the plasma...it all adds up in the big picture...


More wind

Would be nice if provinces sussed out their own power means. Damned annoying to be paying through-the-roof electricty prices when most the country's power comes from lower South Island.


More wind

I think the wind farms look wonderful, a work of art. I love this method of creating energy.


More wind

Yeah I also think they look great! Especially up close! The create such awe! And the speeds the edge of those blades get to is amazing! NZ should definitely get onto using crap weather to our advantage... Then when we have the heater on a cold winter day the shit weather will pay for the heater!


More wind

They should just stop trying to make excuses and the RMA needs to be changed to stop the interests of small vocal groups being over represented in hearings and court proceedings. Changes would also to speed up resource consents and reduce the costs of all large infrastructure in New Zealand.


More wind

Why on earth would you put wind farms in a city that more likely to seize up in the cold than generate any energy. Wind Turbines are great theres few in Wellington, which would be a better place for them because of all the wind


More wind

Wind turbines are in use in places way colder than anywhere in NZ so the cold is not likely to be a problem. There aren't many places in NZ that wouldn't have enough wind to keep turbines spinning.


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