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"Boy racers": crushing our human rights   Back in February, in a typical authoritarian knee-jerk reaction, Police Minister Judith Collins proposed crushing the cars of boy racers and forcing them to watch. Yesterday I acquired the Ministry of Justice's advice on this proposal - and as with their advice on ASBOs, it is less than enthusiastic: “Justice has several concerns about the proposed changes to the Sentencing Act to allow routine vehicle crushing. The punishment may be disproportionate to the offence, and there may be issues with consistency between sentences if both high value and low value vehicles are crushed. There is also a... read full article


More "Crushing" news for Boy Racers!

Nothing like a Minister who has suddenly discovered she actually has POWER! Anyone want to take bets on whether the Ministry of Justice's negative, and sensible, report wins the day, or the new Minsiter will get her way? We have enough weird imbalances in our Court decisions now, we dont need to complicate injustice more! 2 years for killing someone when you were a drunk driver, "life" if you shot them with a gun? Lets keep it simple, sieze the cars and sell them, givethe money to the Police Department and they will be much more pro-active in doing this work. If they are to be crushed, Police will be much less likely to push for that action, they are humans too, and we all instictively hate waste.


More "Crushing" news for Boy Racers!

Think about the people in the countries who work their butts off to make us nice things. Such a waste :s


More "Crushing" news for Boy Racers!

Car crushing is not the answer - although I do think that there needs to be a strong responce to the boy racers, as the "participants" in this sport are getting younger, and younger they simply aren't aware of how fast things can go wrong and how far reaching the consequences of their accidents can be.


More "Crushing" news for Boy Racers!

I heard that only 10 boy racers die each year, which is a small percentage of the yearly road toll. I think this may be a kneejerk reaction to the noise they make rather than the danger they pose.

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