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MMXI: a Musical Guide The most anticipated albums of the next 12 months To look forward we must first look back... ...Back to 2010. Based on the success and failures, the hype and thus inevitable underwhelm, Pitchfork 10.0s and Internet buzz - we can better understand and predict the coming months ahead. The trends and patterns that dominated 2010 will surely continue into 2011, and will shape the year to come for better or for worse. Rewind: With all things considered 2010 was not a standout year for music. It was a year that saw two extremely anticipated sophomore releases (Contra and Congratulations) crumble in the face of the gargantuan critic that is the... read full article


MMXI: A Musical Guide

That's the thing i like about chillwave. its a genre which won't explode on the scene simply because it's too chilled. you can't exactly play it at parties and it is an acquired taste in many senses. it a genre to be enjoyed by yourself with your own pair of headphones.


MMXI: A Musical Guide

Kanye West album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is awesome and the DVD Runaway with it is amazing but very weird. My favourite tracks on the Album are Power, All of the lights and Runaway. People may think he is "a douche bag, ass hole, scum bag and a jerk off" but he is super talented musician. I think we should toast his musical genius and brilliance.


MMXI: A Musical Guide

The Strokes are obviously the reincarnations of dead guys from hot rock bands who prematurely exited in the Sixties.


MMXI: A Musical Guide

Not a big Kanye West fan at all...but hey, each to their own. However, very much looking forward to seeing more from Foo Fighters, U2, REM and Radiohead. From what you have written Lukas, looks like it will be a good year in music. These bands always put out great albums and will be immortalised for all time in the the Rock Hall of fame. Can't wait to hear more.


MMXI: A Musical Guide

I agree - I cannot WAIT for Kanye's latest album - I believe he will do it yet again!


MMXI: A Musical Guide

Just really looking forward to The Strokes out of your list there Lukas...


MMXI: A Musical Guide

I'll be looking out for Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang from Raekwon.


MMXI: A Musical Guide

Hearing the new material, I'm going to take a tangent and mention the Foo Fighters. After a good break from their band (and the return of Pat Smear), it looks like the Foo's have gone back to the grunge and early FF days with the new songs. I think that will be a bit of a make or break for their massive fanbase.


MMXI: A Musical Guide

Kanye West for sure as I am a great fan of his. I can't wait for 'Watch The Throne' and I am sure it will be a big hit on the music scene.


MMXI: A Musical Guide

A big Coldplay fan i am greatly looking forward to some new sounds to blast in the car. Last year reeked of hip hop and artists joining together to try and push newcomers to the scene up the charts with some success but much failure along with has-beens such as Britney trying to make their comeback. May this year be full of talent and great sounds!

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