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 Unleash your imagination and let loose your creative spirit with new OSiS Design Mix from Schwarzkopf Professional. A capsule collection designed to fulfil any styling need, this new range consists of six innovative products each embodying a different element of essential style - Smooth, Rough, Gloss, Matt, Light and Strong. Forming the building blocks of shape and texture, the products work separately or combined to achieve infinite styling possibilities and create the perfect product for your style.Whether you’re after sculptural forms or an individual finish, mix and match with OSiS Design Mix to create fabulous experiments in texture,... read full article


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

tip: NEVER turn on all seven burners on your barbie and then lean down to hear if there's gas coming out. lost a good bit of my right eyebrow and a some of the hair around my right ear. it was a miracle i wasn't seriously burnt.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

I went from having mid range brown hair one day to having bleach blonde hair the next. Story: Family knew i was going for a hair cut then going out afterwards and coming home the next day. They didnt know i had decided to have it made blonde and when i arrived home the next day mum almost had a heart attack thinking i was a family friend who (looked very similar to me but always had blonde hair) who had died in a car crash not too long before i did that. Poor mum...


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

After 3 years of having long (down to my waste) I have just had it cut. Now sporting a hair style a little longer than a number 4. I need product to actually do anything with my hair now.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

I was going through a break-up and wanted to look different so I went for a boy cut. It looked cool for 2 days and then I wanted my hair back.:)


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

I'd came back from overseas and staying at my parents. We were all about to go out on the town and were waiting for my sister. She eventually yelled out from the bathroom "I've just used your hairgel. God it smells revolting". I yelled back "That isn't gel you ejit, that is hair removal gel!". After much screaming and an apparent near fainting-by her, she frantically scrubbed her hair within an inch of its life. Twas funny.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Gotta be the undercut/bowl cut/bleached haircut from the 90's... what was I thinking *shakes head in disgust*


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

The time my friend's lovely (not) big brother decided it would be funny to twist a hair brush up in my hair. Unfortunately he did it so well that his parents spent over half an hour trying to get it out. The constant pressure from them pulling on it caused me to faint and hit my head on the corner of their table. The end result - one visit to the doctors, one big chunk cut out of my hair and an enemy for life!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

my 1st and last go at a home done dye job was, a disarster. I was intending to have blonde raceing strips down side of my head .. I ended up with my hair burning off at the roots, so my whole head needed shaving off ... b4 this i had nice brown shoulder length


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Just got my hair cut at the barber's, too poor to go to a decent hairdressers. Was cut my a man..felt to wrong. Never again.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

went to training salon once and wanted a light perm - came out looking like a poodle that had been dragged through a bush backwards - since then i dont mind paying a lot more for a professional to cut my hair!

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