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 Unleash your imagination and let loose your creative spirit with new OSiS Design Mix from Schwarzkopf Professional. A capsule collection designed to fulfil any styling need, this new range consists of six innovative products each embodying a different element of essential style - Smooth, Rough, Gloss, Matt, Light and Strong. Forming the building blocks of shape and texture, the products work separately or combined to achieve infinite styling possibilities and create the perfect product for your style.Whether you’re after sculptural forms or an individual finish, mix and match with OSiS Design Mix to create fabulous experiments in texture,... read full article


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

MY big sister - aged all of 7 at the time - leaning in with her pippi longstocking braids to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. She swung her head around to look at the candles and one of her braids went alight! No major damage done and I thought it was hilarious but apparently it was not the done thing to burst out laughing.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

I had my waist length beautiful brown hair dreaded at an African salon. The reaction from friends was interesting :0) From shocked, to "oh cool" and everything in between. The funny thing is people ask you how you wash your hair, it's like "in a shower with shampoo" duh!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

my little brother cut my hair off while I was asleep!!!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

i had long hair, half way down my back, and a long beard to suit. one night i shaved them both off, completly bald. Even my own kids diddnt recognise me.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

being drunk one night, we thought it would be a good idea to play with fire. turns out its not... my hair caught alight when someone lit the spray of a deoderant.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Its all about the hair , as young teenager , in the early eighties, well what i can say. brown curly hair in those days without any product , hmmm amazing how my dad's breelcream and my mum rollers (which i used to brush my hair)..lolz created the ultimate style , for all the ladies at school. Hot damm hot ! , Oh yes that hot look with a moustache. Quite amazing how any of us survived those years. Then i was so protective that when my dad shaved my hair off (very cool now) but back then, i thought i lost all my eighties power. lolz. Discovered gel, many years later, still didn't help . But i know this product , was made for my hair.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

i sweat a lot. after a game, play or any vigorous activity, i end up with sweaty hair (like that when you come out of the shower). i always get teased because my friends have normal-looking hair and mine is like poured by the rain!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

My brother had kinda long-ish hair, and one night after a shower he went outside to wait for his girlfriend to turn up, fell asleep with his head on our picnic table and woke up a few hours later with his wet hair frozen to the table! She never turned up and he was outside for almost an hour before someone went to help him!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

My sister cut off my hair once when we were kids.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

as a teenager i went through varies hair styles and colours which i got a lot off shit for!! ill give u an example i dyed my hair green for one day when i was 15 and for the next year i got called shrek everyday!!!!!!!!!!


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