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 Unleash your imagination and let loose your creative spirit with new OSiS Design Mix from Schwarzkopf Professional. A capsule collection designed to fulfil any styling need, this new range consists of six innovative products each embodying a different element of essential style - Smooth, Rough, Gloss, Matt, Light and Strong. Forming the building blocks of shape and texture, the products work separately or combined to achieve infinite styling possibilities and create the perfect product for your style.Whether you’re after sculptural forms or an individual finish, mix and match with OSiS Design Mix to create fabulous experiments in texture,... read full article


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

my hair, everyday is a mystery!!! and its memorable to me, i can never try to get the same style two days in a row. how ever i wake up, its the way my hair will look like now!!! need god products to control th beast!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Shaving my hair off! Then coming to the conclusion that not all noggins look the same bald. My head is just too oddly shaped, blame the forceps they used in my delivery!!!!!!!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Never, ever use blue food colouring to temporarily dye already coloured hair. My poor hairbrush still bears the scars a year later.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

For a school trip, we went to see a whole bunch of people presenting their occupations to help us decide what we wanted to be when we left school. I went to a guy who said he was a barber. I knew it was close to ball season and so went in for a free haircut. As soon as he'd finished, I said, "Thanks for the haircut man, how long have you been doing this for?" "Two weeks." He replied. I looked at my hair, and saw this massive cut out patch. It looked flipp'n awful. Two weeks later was the ball, and dude, nobody wanted to dance with me. I look back at all those pictures that were taken at the ball, and man it was embarrassing!!!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Bleach your hair, everyone doing it, how hard could it be..........well what ever you do don't use JANOLA!!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

I've always had long hair, I remember when I was 13 living in England and Bazooka Joe Bubble gum was all the rage. We used to have competitions to see who could blow the biggest bubble. Oneday I blew a bloody humungus bubble, and some stupid lad poked his finger in it and popped it, and it just collapsed on my face and hair. It wouldn't come off I ended up with no eyebrows, lashes or hair around my face. My mates had to cut about 2 inches on both sides of my face, like just on level with my ears, but not even level. I was so embarrassed, and looked a right 'dickhead', not to mention scary. I looked like I'd had a blow back from a gas ring!!!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

so I was using a wax product in my hair cause it was the cool thing to do at the time, but instead of using the amount the hairdresser suggested I decided that it would be better to use about 5 times more. It was great I had my style just the way I want and it stayed that way the whole night! Come the morning when I went to go wash my hair it would come out. 5 Times I washed it and still nothing! My hair was water resistant!! I would wake up with my hair plastered to the side of my head. It took 5 whole weeks to get it out with very, very hot water. ended up having to get a very short haircut. So lesson learn t much!!


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

my hair has a mind of it's own.. it doesn't matter what I try to do to create a style the curls just spring it on back to how "it" wants to be. so everyday I get to look windsweep and wild even if I am trying for cultured and tamed.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Trying to look good for the big date, got sis to straighten my hair ($5 bribe)hair not doing what it is supposed to do (sure there is some african in my genes)so put beanine on after applying a lot of product. When removing beanie after got home with date mortified to have said date fall down laughing and pointing at my hair, a quick check in the mirror revealed a 1970 style barbie flip do, not a good look on someone trying to be cool and macho.


Mix things up with OSiS Design Mix

Not quite a hair story specifically, but after one hard night on the town where I had consumed a few too many beers my 'mates' decided to shave one of my eyebrows off. Not both, just one. More obvious that way. I walked around for an entire day, meeting friends and colleagues, before I realised my face was quite obviously lacking an important feature. Embarrassing.

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