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Gift boxes for parties and special occasions – win one for your Valentine!  Goodbye boring, stale gifts this Valentines – Welcome our new friend, Mischief Boxes!!! If you want to make it a night for her to remember, check this site out.   With the day all men dread just around the corner on Saturday Feb 14th, a Mischief Box is the perfect gift for your Valentine. Say goodbye lace trimmed heart boxes of chocolates – order a gift which the two of you can enjoy! We’re talking the good stuff - candy whips, handcuffs, chocolate body paint pens, scented rose petals, games for two, champagne and much more. They’ve got it... read full article


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

I havent thats why I need this


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

Photo frame from the warehouse, some materials from a scrap booking shop and a few printed out photos of us. Best present iv ever "Engineered" :)


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

I forgot it was valentines and rushed round the corner from work adn picked flowers form an old ladys garden. Caught up with the boys after work & got given a crayfish..my girls fav, went home & she was rapt as...phew....not that romantic, but I passed


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

A few years back I heard a radio competition where you could win 800 roses for your girlfriend. You had to write in and say why she deserved them so I took some time one morning come up with a really nice piece of writing explaining how she was the only person who could win this contest...next day I received a phone call to organise the event, I had won. Early on the morning of the 14th the event organisers and I met down from her house a bit and piled the 800 long stem roses into the front of a front end loader. As she opened the door she saw the cameras and radio crew and tried to run away, the bucket of the loader was lifted up and all the roses tipped out at her feet. The house ended up having roses everywhere but it did score a lot of brownie points.


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

I'm not normally a letter writing guy, or one to express my emotions but last year i took the time to sit, have a long think about what my partner means to me and how shes changed my life, what i'd like for our future and then wrote it all down for her. I left the sealed envelope on the pillow for her when i left for work.


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

We had previously been apart for almost two weeks and as it was also our aniversary I had to do something special. So for everyday that we were apart I wrote in a diary a different thing I missed the most about us being together and left in on our bed...with our favourite lubricant and of course chocolate...body paint that it. It was very romantic and very sexy.


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

Collected alot of photos of us on our travels and put them in a digital photo frame, then took her out for a picnic and watch the sunset.


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

My girl is a rose fanatic, so three years back I took her for an impromptu (Read "a week worth of organising in secret") picnic dinner at the Parnell rose gardens - her favorite place in the city. This year my kids are coming for the weekend, so thats the romantic picnic dinner or anything similar out.


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

Bubbles at the beach at sunset. Then night flight by helicopter over Auckland. Came home to find the red roses and romantic card I had prepared and hidden. I am good with card selections!


Mischief Boxes Valentines Gift

My girlfriend had never gone overseas - she was from a family of dairy farmers, who worked 7 days a week. So we'd been going out for a couple of years, and I surprised her with an envelope containing air tickets to Sydney, for a week. She still says hands down, it's the best present she's ever gotten, and she still vividly remembers how excited she felt when she opened the envelope. She's bloody nosey too, and for once I managed to organise it without her even suspecting it. We've been married 9 years now, and have 2 small 'uns, so I must have done something right.


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