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The ever-popular Mini hatch has undergone a few changes in its latest version... Prepare yourself; Mini isn’t the one trick pony it once was. We now have a four metre, four-door, four wheel drive Mini Countryman, a Mini sports coupe pitched at the Audi TT market will follow before long, and if that’s not that out there enough, check out the recently-revealed Rocketman concept.But amidst the most significant shift in Mini’s core business, there’s still some same old, same old in the hatch we all know. Believe it or not, the pictures on this page are of the new Mini hatch. If you’re having trouble spotting the difference might I... read full article


Mini Cooper

sorry but the new Minis are overpriced chick cars!


Well is a snappy little car i tend to agree a chick car


"Mini couldn’t confirm if the Radio Visual Boost system can be upgraded to the even cooler Mini Connect system ,which is also just round the corner." That's always reassuring.


I love Mini's! but have to admit I'm still a fan of the old style mini - a mint restored one is the best! I remember hooning around in these as a kid - and you just don't see the old ones round that much anymore - especially tidy ones!


I'm sorry, but size does matter. The mini is just not satisfying...


although the price doesn't really do it justice, consumers a looking for a powerful small car that is easy to park and cheap to run, the mini fits in well with what people are looking for in a car


Out of all the cars you had reviewed on this site, I definately have to say that the Mini is my fav! Although I definately prefer the more 'old school' type mini, I would stilll definately drive one of these beauties ;). I think its cute that these are '99mm' longer than the older versions...as long as it doesnt lose its mini feel its sweet. I pretty much love the Mini's for their edgy retro vintage style - I feel that they are getting a bit 'posh' these days - as with most cars I guess. So many functions that are in the car, that you do not even know how to use! Overall I think that these cars are very cute! - but I prefer the old fashioned, old school type cars :). The types you dont care going over 100km in because your not scared of getting little scratches on it or the gravel wrecking it. I have uploaded a pic of a meaaaaan older version of a mini! My dream car.........


My mates first car was a Mini850, white with a black roof. He was 6ft 6 and had to completely take out the drivers seat then jam it in against the rear seat to even fit into it. He used to drive it round with his head sticking completely out of the sunroof. Halcyon days...


I know its a chick car but my wife does prefer the beetle to the mini :)


i don't like the look of them. might be fun to drive though


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